6 d’ag. 2008

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A la/es 23 d’abril del 2012, a les 11:36 , Blogger Blackcat ha dit...

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A la/es 26 d’abril del 2012, a les 4:16 , Blogger I love you........ ha dit...


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That has to be the most cutest cat animation I've seen in a while.

A la/es 30 d’abril del 2012, a les 2:57 , Anonymous Anònim ha dit...

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A la/es 1 de maig del 2012, a les 5:27 , Blogger apple ha dit...

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I'm waiting for HMY and TRE to get hammered. Then I'll buy some more.
GOt to say, NGD is looking strong

A la/es 3 de maig del 2012, a les 12:46 , Blogger Hieuhap ha dit...

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A la/es 4 de maig del 2012, a les 16:10 , Blogger Hieuhap ha dit...

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“I’ll be in my room, making no noise and pretending I’m not there,” he said.

A la/es 13 de maig del 2012, a les 3:16 , Blogger Blackcat ha dit...


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