31 d’oct. 2007

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A la/es 26 de gener de 2012 a les 3:24 , Blogger qwadro ha dit...

best e-cigaretteReconstructionist Judaismhappy thanksgiving to you as well. it was so delicious here. it was my 1st thanksgiving home cooked meal ever... my mom, brother & dad were such a big help. now i understand why my mom is always so tired after the meal. it's tons of work to get a whole meal planned & run through smoothly. women or even men that do this on a normal basics are so talented. fun! (:

A la/es 26 de gener de 2012 a les 8:02 , Blogger Kamen ha dit...

Hj you

A la/es 27 de gener de 2012 a les 10:30 , Blogger Kamen ha dit...

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